Wash, Dry & Fold

High Quality Detergent

Pre spot treatment

No Hang Dry

professionally folded


In your busy schedule, we know that you won’t have the priority of wasting time to wash your clothes, then to dry and then to fold them, also to place it the cabinet. That is why we are here offering the simple service.

Once we receive your laundry from our pickup guy, each bag is checked in for cleaning. This includes separating light and dark coloured clothes, checking pockets for any items. After this your clothes are tagged and checked for any stains. Stains are treated separately if found.

After the sorting, next step is washing, all clothes are washed on cold and dried on medium heat. We use high quality detergent and fabric softener according to the material of your clothes. Your order will always be kept separate.

After drying, your clothes will professionally folded and wrapped in our packaging for proper protection. Then your clothes will be sent on your way.