Shoe Cleaning

Spot treating

Machine wash

Hand wash

Air dry


We know how much you love your shoes, a part of your heart is reserved for them. That is why a gentle care is much needed for them. We use different process for every material be it sneakers, leather or sandals.

Let’s go through a typical sneaker cleaning process.

First excess dirt or debris is removed with hand, if found any stain spot treating is done with stain remover

Secondly, the soles are brushed and cleaned with proper shoe cleaner.

Lastly, shoes are machines washed with cold water & gentle shoe detergent.

Then finally they are air dried.

Now comes the leather shoes.

First thing first, excess dirt removed with soft gentle brush, then shoe is cleaned with a damped cloth, air dried and finally comes the polishing, we use a high quality cream especially made for leather.

Boot cleaning and sandals follow the same process of spot treating and washing with the right cleaning products to maintain the quality of your shoes.