Thanks for letting Lulla’s Laundry Services serve you!

We passionately hope our customers will be pleased with our services but just in case you are not, firstly we regret, secondly we abide to accept refunds in accordance with the Refund policies described in the following sections.

We exercise extreme care in processing articles delivered to us and use such processes that, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and condition of each individual article.

We take precautions to ensure that your clothes are handled and cleaned properly. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for the inherent weakness of or defects in materials that were not readily apparent or reported by you prior to processing.

Ultimately, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any conditions, cleaning directions given by the manufacturer, and/or special instructions regarding cleaning and/or laundering. This applies particularly, but not exclusively, to suedes, leathers, silks, satins, double-face fabrics, vinyls, polyurethanes etc.(clothes, shoes, carpets, sofa cover & curtains)

During the dry cleaning or laundering process we cannot guarantee against color loss and shrinkage, or against damage to weak and tender fabrics.

If there’s damage to your products or are not satisfied with the results during the process and got delivered, customers can raise complaints with photos of the garments to or through the “LullasLaundry” APP/Website.

  1. The cloth(s) will be again picked up from the customer and reprocess and deliver back.
  2. If still issues were not solved, only 5 times the billing amount shall be refunded back.
  3. If the customer has paid though payment gateway refund shall be initiated within 7 – 10 working days from the date customer agreed for complaint resolution.
  4. However, 15 working days would require in case payment made other than through payment gateways.

We Lulla’s Laundry reserve the right to cancel/modify/change the Refund policy at any point in time without any prior intimation or notice.