Dry Cleaning

Proper non-water based solvent

Pre spot treating

Post spot treating

Folded or pressed

The main feature of dry cleaning is that it will prevent shrinkage and color loss while still maintaining the texture. Choose this service for your expensive clothes as it will give a longer shelf life. And also if your clothes have any stain don’t experiment and send it to us.

Once we receive your clothes, all will be tagged & categorized according to the care label, if some clothes don’t have the care label, then our experts will use their own knowledge & experience to process them.

Dry cleaning process consist of using a non-water based solvents which cleans garments of stains and odour’s. Your clothes will typically go through a pre-spotting process where we’ll apply a chemical solvent, vacuum, or heat to stains on your garment, which helps to remove the stain during the actual dry cleaning process. And there is no risk of damage to the clothes.

Your clothes will be placed in industrial machine based on color. And will be submerged in the chemical solvent. From there, the machine rapidly spins the clothes to get rid of any excess solvent and releases warm air. Your clothes emerge completely dry.

Dry Cleaning

After this we will inspect your clothes again for any remaining stains and if found pre-spotting will be done again. Then they are steamed pressed and packaged with care.