Our company “Lulla’s Laundry” aims to help you achieve your dreams. We think you’ve got better things to do than laundry. This world is no more a slow-paced journey, its fast and get going drive. You can’t slow down and pause because you might lose that opportunity you were looking for. Every single person is hustling from day to night, chasing those dreams, working hard. And you get only minimum interval to complete that basic necessity task. Yes, doing your laundry is one of them. We know how frustrating it gets to do laundry because it takes ample of your valuable time. That is why we are here to help you with it. Our sole purpose is to provide you high-quality services. When it comes to laundry service we are the experts, be that your gym apparel or the most luxurious clothes you’ve got in your closet. Not just clothes, we also know how to take care of your shoes, carpet, sofa covers, and much more. We believe in maintaining transparency. We have given out our detailed process for every service. Go through it, choose one that best fits for you and the rest is on us.


Install our app. Click on order now. Schedule your pick up.


Give your bag of laundry to our pick up guy at your doorstep.


We will clean your clothes. Leave this to our experts.


Voila Delivery arrived just at your doorstep which is contactless.